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 [Curiosidade] Satanismo e Slayer

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Data de inscrição : 24/07/2008
Idade : 27
Localização : Porto de Mós, Leiria

MensagemAssunto: [Curiosidade] Satanismo e Slayer   Qui Nov 20, 2008 5:23 pm

Li isto no fórum do BTNext e achei completamente ridículo. Aqui fica o post original do Hiryu:

"Uma das grandes contribuições para o mundo que fizeram (e continuam a fazer) os pastores evangelhistas dos EUA é sem dúvida a comédia.

Por razões não ligadas à música, lia sobre pseudo-cultos satânicos e os casos em que as actividades de tais cultos tinham sido levadas a sério por tribunais pouco mais evoluídos que os da caça às bruxas de Salem, 400 anos antes. Os métodos incluíam terapeutas a questionar crianças até elas dizerem o que mais convinha para se provar a existência de satanismo e abuso sexual.

Seja como for, cheguei a um pseudo-jornal, um buletim (File 18), editado durante alguns anos por um pastor que alertava o mundo para as acções organizadas de devotos de satanás e como não poderia deixar de ser, o padre tinha maior imaginação que qualquer satanista alguma vez teve. Eis alguns excertos interessantes:

Middlesex County, New Jersey: In New Jersey a STAR LEDGER article from May 1986, quotes the County's Prosecuting Attorney Alan Rockoff as blaming "...the influence of heavy metal rock music... (especially) a group called Slayer..." as responsible for major cemetery desecration at the Beth Israel Memorial Park in Woodbridge by two juvies. The two boys, described as "...devotees, groupies, totally immersed in and totally influenced by heavy metal rock music and alcohol..."

Apparently an 18-member group called the 'Hell Crew' operates in the area. Although these two juveniles were not members of that group, they were "... friends of the Hell Crew." Rockoff identified a common thread between the two arrestees and the Hell Crew, notably their devotion to the 'thrash' music of Slayer. Two Slayer albums were identified by Rockoff as particularly harmful--"Show No Mercy" and "Hell Awaits." "...Rockoff described some of the heavy metal lyrics and cemetery desecrations as "anti-ethnic, anti-moral, anti-religious, and anti-American..."

In the Editor's opinion, Mr. Rockoff was bold in his public assertions and should be supported by law enforcement. He spoke out, daring to make the connection between negative heavy metal influences and prosecutable offenses. All we need to do is look beneath the surface in our own investigations to see similar causal factors.

The Hell Crew's favorite groups, they say, are Venom and Slayer, conceding that the songs contain satanic references. An unidentified Hell Crew member said "...They sing about the devil and satanic things, killing priests, killing church and killing God..." He also admitted that he and his friends like to hang out in cemeteries "...because of the atmosphere..." where they frequently hold "Hell Parties". He continued, "You're around your friends, listening to music, you light a fire...it reminds you of Hell...We just like to hang out and have a good time."

E porque a vida nunca é realmente boa sem comida gourmet:

According to Young, "...The most frequent victims of devil worshipers are animals and children, who cult members seek for their blood and youth...The results...include kidnapping, cannibalism, necrophilia, and other forms of deviant sex, sexual abuse, and occasionally, murder...Federal investigations have found persons involved in satanic worship working in day care centers and pre-schools...children are forced to drink blood mixed with urine or eat human excrement in an effort by adults to destroy the child's self esteem...They are forced to have sex with each other, adults and animals...to blur their sense of right and wrong...children were forced to watch other children being killed, to devour human flesh, and even to murder their peers...Episodes are frequently not placed in police reports because people are "afraid they'll be mocked" for suggesting the incident took place..."

(Nota: Eu sei que há infantários que servem má comida, mas cocktails de sangue e cócó...)

Satan was, according to the Bible, formerly the created angel named Lucifer who rebelled against God and was cast from heaven to dwell on earth as a disembod- ied spirit. (According to Biblical accounts, Lucifer was in charge of the music in heaven; relate that to the strong 'devil worship' and perverted visual and audio influences of some of the worst heavy metal groups seen today.)

Aparentemente por esta altura, os satanistas estavam perto de dominar o mundo. Alguns dos seus objectivos incluíam destruír o governo gastando dinheiro a mais e permitindo a toda a gente ver filmes pornográficos:

Peter Michas, a Christian pastor and expert in the area of Satanism and heavy metal music, says that goals five and six have since been accomplished, at least to a satisfactory degree, and that goal seven has been "announced" to the public on the album covers of popular Satanic heavy metal bands such as Ozzy Osborne. By placing together bits of information from different album covers, Michas says that the seventh goal is to be a tremendous increase of blatant Satanic activity over the next thirteen years, culminating in the physical reign of Satan on earth on June 21, 1999..."

Mas há passagens hilariantes:

Last summer four subjects arrived at a Flagstaff, AZ., hospital with a severely injured 16 yr old in tow. According to Det. Jeff Greene's synopsis "...A patrolman responded and interviewed the four subjects...(two adults, one 18 and one 16 yr. old)...[who] stated that the victim was drunk and attempted to kill the 16 yr. old with a sword. The 18 yr. old picked up a baseball bat and struck the victim in the back of the head, one time. The 18 yr. old said he struck the victim "with all his might." He admitted that the victim was unarmed...on his knees facing away from the 18 yr. old. The 18 yr. old said "I just freaked out." He [said] they had been listening to their music, being"Slayer." He said it makes him feel more confident than normal. [Det. Greene] asked if he was under the influence of anything. He replied, "Only my music."

Greene noted an inverted cross on the suspect's stomach which meant the 18 yr. old was the "Devil's advocate." The victim was a special ed. student with no ties to satanism or his attacker(s). The 18 yr. old never asked about the condition of the victim.

Suspect #2, the 16 yr. old, "...was wearing all black, a heavy metal T-shirt included. He had a punk style haircut--shoulder length, cigarette burns on his arms, and he was holding a black cat during the entire interview. He also had on several studded arm bands..." and did not ask about the victim's condition. At the scene, tapes and albums of "Slayer, Dio, Megadeath, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and many, many more...most [with] satanic lyrics..." were found. Blood spatter evidence was found inside the travel trailer, not outside where the suspects said the assault took place. Two swords and a satanic bible were there, too. Medical examination of the victim showed that he had at least six skull fractures which could not have been caused by just one blow.

Num outro assassinato, um rapaz de 14 anos turned from model airplanes and his paper route to satanism, murder, and suicide in one month's time.

Aparentemente, depois de uma discussão sobre religião, o rapaz passou a gostar do oculto e listened to heavy-metal rock music. Não bastasse isso, o pérfido satânico era um Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game player.

E aqui é revelada a grande verdade sobre o Dungeons & Dragons como an accurate crash course in sorcery, theft, mayhem, and murder.

Holy [Censored]...

O caso é tão grave que uma senhora Pat Pulling fundou a "Bothered Abount Dungeons and Dragons" que vende manuais a 20 dólares (de 1987...) sobre os efeitos nefastos desse mítico esquema de poluição das mentes juvenis.

Aparentemente uma rapariguinha havia sido assassinada enquanto os amigos ouviam Ozzy (que não é tão mau assim...), e diz o editor do File 18 que Carry the warped mind- programming one step farther and it is not hard to visualize marauding bands of satanically inspired teens committing mindless slaughter

Claro que o Heavy-Metal destroi a família Americana. Um jovem escreve que Since I became a Motley Crue fan, my life has changed for the better. I have started to shout back at my mother, and if she tells me to do something, I don't do it.".

Outro jovem informado escreve que There's a new breed of kids out here. The real metal--Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue and Ozzy have our spirit and love. We believe that Satan rules and would rather blow up this wicked world than let it fall to the Communists. We live to be high and want nothing to do with reality. We don't care about ourselves, just each other. Violence to those we hate, love to our friends and the breed. May everyone be a slut. If you can understand, love to you."

O buletim fornece algumas das bandas que moldam as mentes das criancinhas a favor do satanismo: Venom, Slayer, Megadeth (HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously!), Metal Chuch (de novo: HAHAHAHA), Destruction, Metallica, Voi Vod (bem escrito e tudo...), King Diamond, Flotsam & Jetsam, Witchfinder General, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Sodom, Celtic Frost, Exciter, Celtic Frost, Abbatoir, Candlemass, entre outras. A minha favorita é com certeza os "Kirax"...

Não fosse a patente confusão das mentes que fizeram a lista, o editor explica que só os Slayer e Venom são comprovadamente adoradoras activas do demónio e as outras usam satanás como marketing e - chocante! - algumas estão a "trocar o cabedal por collants e lacinhos", mas at the height of their satanic and occultic imagery these bands produced millions of records and tapes which are STILL available, STILL influencing young minds, and STILL destructive.

Mas descansem: não é só o Heavy-Metal que provoca lavagens cerebrais satanistas. Até a indústria dos brinquedos tem artimanhas para condicionar as criancinhas ao satanismo, e o mesmo vale para a New Age, que toda a gente pensava serem apenas uma cambada de atrasados mentais.

Mais comédia em: http://www.holysmoke.org/wicca/file18.htm


Eu logo traduzo as partes escritas em inglês.
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[Curiosidade] Satanismo e Slayer
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